With a distinctive voice and fresh swagger, Epademik is a standout among the contemporary hip-hop community. His relentless attitude toward the quality of his work and its continued originality and improvement has been echoed in his unstoppable rise in the hip-hop world.

Epademik’s journey into the world of music began in the early 1990’s when his older brother introduced him to the hip-hop scene. Studying such legendary hip-hop pioneers as Big Daddy Kane, KRS-1, Too Short & Special Ed to name a few, Epademik’s distinctive style of expression began to take shape. After years of fine-tuning his freestyle skills, Epademik began battling other emcees and building a reputation for his often humorous rhymes.

As time went on Epademik and his older brother formed a group called The Casual Crew and performed at a number of local clubs. After three years, two albums completed, and a significant fan base, The Casual Crew disbanded, forcing Epademik to contemplate which way to take his career. In the void left by the breakup of The Casual Crew, Epademik honed his artist skills even more by becoming more involved in the production aspects of music.

In 2001, Epademik decided to team up with Anaheim recording artist K.O. to record the album Drinkin, Smokin, Straight Westcoastin under the group name 100 Proof. Epademik spent the next year and a half promoting the 100 Proof album and networking with producers and artists throughout southern California and Arizona, whom he soon gained notoriety among for his creative songwriting skills and lyrics.

Feeling it was time to seriously pursue a solo career, Epademik virtually disappeared from the music scene for almost a year to work on his debut album. In the summer of 2004 Listen at Your Own Risk was released. The lead single Act Like You Know hailed the number one spot on The Open Mic Show (klbc.org, Long Beach city College) for six weeks, until being retired by another of Epademik’s songs.

Epademik’s second solo album, The Third Finger, was released nationally in stores and internationally via the Internet in 2005. Despite currently being an independent artist, Epademik’s work has received some radio play nation-wide, including in the states of Massachusetts, Hawaii, Arizona, Texas, Michigan, and of course California.

Epademik was nominated for Hip Hop artist of the year at the 2007 OCMA’s and was also nominated in 2008 for Urban Artist of the Year.

Epademik next teamed up with DJ Arkane (Shadyville DJ/Bogish Boy) to put out his latest mixtapes. This has lead to Epademik working with (former Shady Recording artist) Cashis.

For 2009 Ep connected with the multi-platinum publicist Jonathan Hay which in turn landed him a distribution artist deal with Hoopla Media Group/LRT/Universal Music Group. Epademik’s album on Hoopla/LRT/Universal was titled “Addicted to the Grind”, which was released November 11, 2010 thru InGrooves/Universal.

In November of 2011 Epademik launched his own imprint, Bad Seed Entertainment & secured digital distribution thru InGrooves. The first release was ‘1918’ on Novemeber 8, 2011. In December of 2011 Epademik connected with Da Hitman (Core DJ) & released a Bad Seed Faculty Mixtape & within the first 2 weeks had 72,000 downloads. By the end of 2012, Epademik’s Bad Seed Entertainment landed a brand new distribution deal with Empire Distribution & on January 15, 2013 he released his album Beast Within to the world.

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