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World Famous Video Blog! Ep In Arkansas Part 1

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Interview With Blogging And Bitches

September 17th, 2009 | No Comments caught up with Ep for an interview.

It’s been a minute since we last chopped it up, You are one of the busiest artists I know, and that’s saying alot! Lets start with your deal with Hoopla/Universal, how did that come about and how are you managing not to get fucked like some of the standard bogus deals with Labels? (sorry if to harsh! lol)

Well I was shopping to every label under the sun. A few held onto my stuff & replied that they wanted to see how I develop over the next 6 months or so. Thats a nice way of saying “Fuck off” but just in case you blow up we act nice so we can try to get a piece of you later. lol Greedy shit heads! I met with the Multi-Platinum Publicist Jonathan Hay and after about 2 months of working with him he hooked me up with the deal. It’s dope cause it’s a one album deal (18 month exclusive) and I get my masters, yeah I said I GET MY MASTERS. I already had my album done. SInce I have my own studio fully Pro Tooled out, I didn’t need any kind of budget money to record at high priced studios. I didn’t take any advance money cause thats just money I’d have to pay back. Crazy huh? I’m in a good position. A lot of major labels are giving those bullshit 360 deal where the label gets a piece of everything the artist does, from tours to merchandising & of course album sales. Now thats some bullshit!

Are you seeking new talent to sign to your Label?

Right now I’m focusing on me but dont get it twisted cause if I hear something incredible then I have no problem passing it on to the Big Guys.

Last week you released the Mixtape “Pianos & Basslines” is that on Hoopla/Universal? And what type of feel is the Mixtape?

Since the mixtape is all “borrowed” beats I put this out on my own with the help of Hoopla Media Group. So it’s a Bad Seed/Hoopla collabo. The feel of this project is, well to be honest… dark, raw & no holds barred. There has been so much bullshit said by people on the outside looking in on me as an artist, my affiliations, my record deal. Basically a whole lot of hatred bred by jealousy, so I did what I do best… put my inner emotions on tracks! I felt like I wanted to physically hurt all these people running their mouths. I can kill somebody on a song and not have to worry about going to prison. Thats the beauty of music.

When are you Dropping “Addicted To The Grind” ?

We’re looking at the end of this year. Major labels are a whole lot different than indies. There’s this whole protocol thing. Projected stats on how many units an artist will sell in various markets. It’s a business & the labels are in it to make money. They don’t care that I’m in it to feed this good hip hop to the world.
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World Famous Video Blog – Sept 14

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“Hater In Ya Ear” Video

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